Do you waste valuable time running your business instead of building your business?

Virtual accounting and bookkeeping services
save you money. utilizes technology and the Internet to provide affordable, accurate, and professional bookkeeping and accounting services. Outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks is an economical way to handle business matters - from routine to complicated tasks. Accounting and bookkeeping projects are transmitted and communicated by e-mail, instant messenging, phone or fax.

Fax us your bank statements and credit card statements for bookkeeping Send us your bank statements and credit card statements by fax, email or postal mail. We work with QuickBooks and reconcile your books We properly code your income and expenses using QuickBooks, which we provide or we can go online to your own QuickBooks and update it. Reconcile your accounts, inform you of any red flags we see or problems with expenses.

bookkeeping and financial statements Create monthly financial statements, profit and loss, balance sheets, budget analysis which we can mail, fax or email back to you. Coding your income and expenses We are also coding all your income and expenses to the appropriate tax line item. At the end of the year we can provide your CPA with a copy of your annual QuickBooks accounting file - we have done all the work! Or if you need your return done we can do it for you.

As a small business owner, you most likely work out of your home office or another other relatively small office space. You need business support, but you don't like the idea of inviting someone into the privacy of your home. Or, you just don't have the space in your office for an additional person plus their equipment.

It's obvious that retaining a costly in-house staff is a waste of time and money. Think for a moment about all the additional expense beyond an hourly wage or salary that you would incur, such as: recruiting, hiring, training, management, furniture, computer, taxes, payroll, insurance and vacation/sick leave.

Being a savvy small business owner, you know that the key to small business success lies in outsourcing. Our exclusive service frees up your business resources and saves you time and money by rolling all your accounting system expenses into one, low monthly payment!

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Virtual bookkeeping and accounting services

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Bookeeping and accounting services for small businesses and construction companies. Information you need to contact Peter Adams for some professional bookkeeping and accounting help in reconciling your small business books and records to prepare for your income taxes. You may ask, How do I get in touch with Peter Adams at I want Peter Adams to prepare my small business books for the Internal Revenue Service using Quick Books accounting software. Search this site for an experienced bookkeeper or book keeper based in Salem, Massachusetts, but working throughout the United States. Which bookkeeper can I trust? Who are America's top bookkeepers? Who's who in bookkeeping? What professional bookkeepers and accountants reside in Massachusetts? This is a trusted bookkeeper and accountant. Bookkeeper is often mispelled as book keeper or bookeeper.